Dover Western Docks Revival

This project was an exciting evolution of the Port, delivering long-term capacity for a key international gateway handling trade to the value of £119bn representing up to 17% of UK trade in goods.

Project Overview


  • Transformation of waterfront with a new marina pier and curve
  • Relocation and development of Dover’s cargo business
  • New cargo terminal and distribution centre.
  • Earthworks value £850,000.00
  • Excavation and deposition of materials.
  • Unloading aggregates delivered to site by sea.
  • Crushing and screening of materials on site.

The initial construction phase included the design and build of two new berths including quay walls and land reclamation, a new marina pier, the marina curve, Wellington Cut navigation channel and new lock gates, Bascule Bridge and capital dredging work.


Overall the project aimed to deliver: relocation and further development of the cargo business with a new cargo terminal and distribution centre; creation of greater space within the Eastern Docks for ferry traffic; a transformed waterfront to ultimately attract a host of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants with Dover’s unique backdrop of the harbour, cliffs and castle; and much needed quality employment opportunities for local people.