East Kent Access Road Improvement

The project delivered 8km (5 miles) of dual carriageway, reducing congestion and improving connectivity with Dover and Ramsgate Ports and Kent International Airport. This Phase two of the East Kent Access Improvement Scheme was the biggest highway project ever undertaken by Kent County Council.

Project Overview


  • Construction of 8km of dual carriageway around Thannet.
  • Earthworks value £2,500,000.00
  • Excavation / deposition 510,000m3 of material.
  • Pavement works and accommodation works

As well as new roundabouts and junction improvements the project was the innovative build of two key structures, the underpass at Cliffsend and the over-rail bridge at Cottington Road.


The underpass construction was 25m wide, 6m high and 126m long and went beneath a major railway line, constructed with its roof 6m below the railway line, sitting in a 15m deep cutting either side of the railway. The over-rail bridge was a two-span reinforced concrete integral bridge, carrying the new dual carriageway, was built over Network Rail’s channel tunnel rail link, local high speed rail infrastructure and a local road.


Through the development of innovative engineering solutions for the structures, this led to the scheme being delivered five months early.