M1 Junction 10a Improvements

The M1 Junction 10A is located to the south of Luton town centre, adjacent to Stockwood Park. The previous junction was a small conventional roundabout which connected the M1 Spur Road to the East Luton Corridor (Airport Way). The junction experienced significant queues and delays, particularly at peak travel times.

Project Overview


  • Removal of M1 spur road roundabout and widen to three lanes.
  • Construction of roundabouts.
  • Realign London Road to pass underneath the M1 spur road.
  • Earthworks value £1,020,000.00
  • Excavation and deposition of 155,000m3 material.
  • Backfill to main structure 70,000m3

Improvements were required to cope with the existing problems as well as provide capacity for increased demand arising from proposed employment and housing growth. The project involved removing the old roundabout and building two new ones to allow road users to join and leave London Road and the M1 spur. This was achieved by constructing a new underpass that provides both pedestrian and cycle routes. The M1 spur road was widened to three lanes, providing a continuous east-west carriageway with a speed limit of 50mph.


Managing the earthworks programme was a major factor in the successful delivery of the project, excavating 153,000m3 of materials. This included chalk, topsoil and hard breakout which was reused or recycled. The importance of keeping traffic flowing in and out of Luton Airport and the town centre was achieved under extensive traffic management.